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Getting Started

Why should I publish listing on Instahome?

We have zero upfront cost and only charge an advertising fee when you successfully acquire a tenant. We work exclusively with you on your submitted listings, so on Instahome, there will be no duplicated listings. Instahome provides not only advertising solutions, but also additional sales support that can reduce your day-to-day workload.

Is Instahome an Agency?

Instahome is not a real estate agency. We are an advertising platform that has no upfront cost to list. We only charge a success fee once agents successfully find a tenant from our platform.

Can I publish listing without REN, REA or PEA ID?

No, agents without REN, REA or PEA are not allowed to list their properties on Instahome. This is to ensure the highest level of listing quality and experience for our tenants.

Why do I need to provide landlord contact details?

We only collect your landlord’s contact details once your landlord accepts the tenant’s reservation. We need your landlord’s name, IC number, email address and phone number to draft the digital tenancy agreement. We will send it to your landlord’s email to sign digitally.

Do I have to be at the viewing?

You have the option to attend the viewing or to pass the key to us. If you choose to pass the key to us, we can send someone to pick up the key from you. After the photoshoot, our Instabuddy will return the key back to you, saving you a lot of time!


What is the fee?

Instahome has ZERO upfront cost. We believe in winning together, so we only charge advertising fees when you successfully find a tenant. We want to be your partner that earns when you earn.

Will I still get my commission?

Yes, you will! Instahome is an advertising platform, and we will sign an advertising agreement with you. The commission is yours once you successfully acquire a tenant through Instahome. Speak to us to find out how this works.

What are the services provided by Instahome?

Our advertising fee includes photography and virtual tour services, viewing management support and tenant credit score checking.. Besides this, our platform also covers digital tenancy agreement, rental collection software and a maintenance marketplace for your landlord. Instahome is not only providing advertising solutions, we also provide sales support that can reduce agent’s workload.


When will you photography my unit?

When you submit your listing, tell us when you want us to meet you for the photography session. Our photography team will reach out. You can choose to leave your keys with us for the session, or come with us to the session.

Can I submit my own photos?

Yes! However, in order to to ensure the quality of listings prospect tenants see on our platform is consistent and high quality. We will arrange an inclusive photography session so our professionally taken virtual tour, videos and photographs will help you to rent out your units faster.

When will my listing be published?

Listings are published within 48 hours from shooting.

How do I edit or remove my listing?

If your listing is no longer available or you would like to remove it from our platform, please contact us at with the link or details to your listing.

Landlord's Queries

How does Instahome ensure high quality tenants?

We conduct a credit check with our proprietary tenant scoring model, which includes data points from CTOS to ensure the requests we forward to you are from reliable tenants.

When will my landlord receive the deposit?

Your landlord will receive the deposit from Instahome before tenant’s moves into the unit.

When will my landlord receive the monthly rental?

Your landlord will receive the monthly rental from Instahome by the 7th of the month.

Does Instahome withhold the deposit?

Our payment gateway will deduct one-month agent commission from the sum of advance rental, security deposit and utility deposit, then transfer the remainder to the landlord. Instahome does not keep the advance rental, security deposit or utility deposit. We also do not keep the one-month agent commission as we are not an agency.

What is Rental Guarantee (Add-on)?

The Rental On-Time Guarantee makes sure you always receive the rent on the 7th of each month. With the Rental Default Guarantee, Instahome will pay out 1 month rent if the tenant ever defaults. These two features are included in the Plus+ Plan.

How much does Rental Guarantee (Add-on) cost?

Rental Guarantee (RDG) is included in Plus+ Plan. When your landlord purchases the Plus+ Plan. 5% will be automatically deducted from each month’s rental collection. Eg. If the monthly rental was RM1500, the monthly cost of Instahome Rental Guarantee would be RM1,500 x 5% = RM75/month.

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