Senior Quality Analyst

Senior Quality Analyst

December 10, 2021 2022-01-03 16:19

A little bit about the job:

The ideal candidate would be Senior Quality Analyst who are skilled in Automation and Manual testing on frontend and backend technologies as well as leading Agile Delivery Practices at rapid user acquisition and supporting applications at scale reliably. This role is a leadership role and focussed on building a great experience for our customers and will require excellent team collaboration across business development and other parts of engineering. 

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Past experience on implementing and testing large scale cloud-based online classified applications such as property portals 
  • Past experience on testing UI/UX , API and Payment Gateway 
  • DevOps mindset with great understanding of Squad based environment as well as leveraging proper tools for CI/CD (e.g. Github ) and responsive to incidents based on SLA & SLO 
  • Outstanding on testing Microservice apis and serverless frameworks in various programming languages such as React.Js , Node.Js and GraphQL 
  • Hands on experience on Cypress , Selenium , Postman , TestNG , Cucumber , SonarQube , JMeter and Appium 
  • Knowledgeable on testing Web , Android , iPhone and iPad platforms 
  • Experienced on performance testing , load testing , regression testing , smoke testing and security testing by leveraging cost-effective tools and technologies 
  • Being advocate of product deployment and delivery process based on MVP approach 
  • Hands-on release planning , capacity & project planning to provide visibility to stakeholders in Business , Product and Engineering teams on each sprint iteration

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