Technical Lead

Technical Lead

January 5, 2022 2022-01-05 14:11

A little bit about the job:

The ideal candidate would be Technical Lead to execute frontend and backend infrastructure features geared at rapid user acquisition and supporting applications at scale reliably. This role is focused on leading to building a great user experience with scalable, stable, and secure solutions, and will require excellent team collaboration across engineering and business development.

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Helping to build the culture of DE&I and fostering a learning & sharing mindset in our multicultural engineering team
  • Working closely with CTO to provide visibility & transparency on team’s practices, gaps, coding standards, code quality & coverage, CI/CD, automation, Infra-as-a-code, and documentation to share across the team
  • Providing technical leadership and guidance to the team to design secure and high-quality solutions
  • Liaise with CTO on technical direction, priorities, and planning to ensure the idea/solution/proposal is in line with technical vision
  • Provide detailed specifications for proposed solutions considering risk, impact, security vulnerabilities, and business factors such as cost, time, and skillset
  • Provide guidance and support on setting up stable, scalable, reliable frontend, backend, and infrastructure
  • Working with Product Managers teams to architect and design the solutions to meet the needs of our customers
  • Providing technical mentoring, guidance, and training to the engineering team
  • Passionate about learning new technologies and strive & thrive to raise the bar on a day-to-day basis
  • Maintaining and supporting backend & frontend, including bug fixes and “Business As Usual” feature enhancements
  • Be vocal on value-add vs cost of implementation of user experience enhancements & features
  • Understanding the people’s needs in the team and making a conscious effort to build integrity in the team
  • Accountable for continuous development and improvement of product features and team’s productivity in an Agile/Lean environment

What is required:

  • 9+ years of experience working in software development
  • Knowledgeable of microservice architecture and frontend, backend & cloud best practices
  • Expert in NodeJS, ReactJS, GraphQL & AWS services with a proven track record in large-scale platforms
  • Strong knowledge of Databases designs ( RDBMS & NoSQL) – MySQL & MongoDB
  • Extensive experience in building a scalable, secure, and reliable platform with an understanding of performance measurements & metrics, and providing strategies and solutions for improvement
  • Ability to lead, plan and execute the agreed strategies and technical solutions across the team
  • Hands-on experience working with containerized applications using Docker and orchestration using K8s and eksctl for creating and managing Kubernetes clusters in AWS
  • Master in code management tools and techniques using GitHub and PR code review, branching strategies, feature toggle, and frequent delivery
  • Strong experience in quality of deliverables, unit testing, and code quality coverage and eager to improve the practices in backend & frontend teams
  • Experience in leading/coaching/mentoring junior & senior engineers
  • DevOps mindset with a great understanding of Agile/Lean based environment as well as leveraging proper tools for CI/CD (e.g. AWS CodePipeline ), automation, infra-as-a-code, and responsive to incidents based on SLA & SLO
  • Comfortable with rapid development cycles and tight schedules
  • Knowledgeable of SOLID and design patterns
  • Approachable and friendly with strong management and relationship skills
  • A strong and creative communicator


  • Past experience in implementing large scale online classified applications such as Property Portals and Search Engine Platform
  • Experience on Google Cloud Platform
  • Past experience as SRE
  • Familiar with Mobile application development
  • Familiar with CMS WordPress and Django

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