Landlord FAQ

Find out the most common questions about how to manage your home and tenant

Getting Started

Can I publish my unit on Instahome?

Instahome is the first all-in-one home rental platform in Malaysia. We inspect and verify all units individually, so you don’t have to. On Instahome, you can browse through photos, videos and virtual tours easily online. You can even schedule a physical viewing online too. We are also the only platform in Malaysia that accepts credit/debit card and Online FPX for deposit payment. Direct debit is available to ensure you will never miss a monthly payment. Moreover, you can even earn rewards for making your monthly rent payment. We are the first online platform that provides a seamless end-to-end experience for renters in Malaysia.


Does Instahome charge any fee?
Instahome does not charge the landlord any fee. for Instahome is a service provided to your property agent.
Do I pay my agent commission?
Yes, Instahome works with agents. We will transfer one month’s worth of rent as the agent’s commission to the agent. This commission is deducted from the total sum of the advance rental, security deposit and utility deposit paid by the tenant. The commission will be transferred from Instahome, so you do not need to pay any additional amount.

Advance Rental & Deposit

When will I receive my advance rental and deposit?
Advance rental, security deposit and utility deposit will be collected from the tenant. The tenant’s payment will be transferred to you after deducting the agent’s commission.
When do I refund the deposit?
You should return the total deposit to Instahome upon receiving an invoice from us.
Do I have to be at the viewing?
You have the option to attend the viewing or to pass the key to us. If you choose to pass the key to us, we can send someone to pick up the key from you. After the photoshoot, our Instabuddy will return the key back to you, saving you a lot of time!

Monthly Rental

How does the tenant pay rent?
The tenant will pay rent through Instahome’s secured payment gateway. The rent will be transferred to you in your preferred bank account.

Basic Plan

What is Plus Plan?
Instahome Plus Plan is designed for landlords who want a secured and worry-free experience of renting out their properties. For just 5% of the monthly rent, you will be able to enjoy many of the most popular features we offer to landlords such as advanced tenant identity verification, in-depth assessment on tenant’s credit score history, litigation screening, online payment gateway, rental payment reminder, rental on-time and default guarantee, maintenance and eviction support.
What is Rental Guarantee (Add-on)?
The Rental On-Time Guarantee makes sure you always receive the rent on the 7th of each month. With the Rental Default Guarantee, Instahome will pay out 1 month rent if the tenant ever defaults.
How much does Rental Guarantee (Add-on) cost?
5% will be automatically deducted from each month’s rental collection. Eg. If the monthly rental was RM1500, the monthly cost of Instahome Rental Guarantee would be RM1,500 x 5% = RM75/month.
What is included in the Free Plan?
Free Plan includes basic tenant identity verification, basic assessment of tenant’s credit score, litigation screening and online payment gateway for your tenant to pay the monthly rent.


Who is responsible for maintaining the unit?
Generally, fair wear and tear are borne by the tenant and structural defects are borne by you. A detailed list of maintenance responsibilities can be found in Schedule B of your tenancy agreement.
How does my tenant inform me of maintenance request?
The tenant may request for maintenance services by contacting Instahome directly. If the type of maintenance is determined to be your responsibility, we will inform you.